ME-LE Akademie

ME-LE Academy

Due to a rising demand in well trained experts in the fields of agriculture and energy management ME-LE offers workshops, seminars as well as different training courses in order to train service technicians, teachers and experts in renewable energy management.

Our longstanding experience in training professional service technicians for biogas plants allows us to offer a unique training profile to our clients and costumers. We are proud to offer a symbiosis which combines technical state of the art knowledge and simultaneously practical, close to the reality, trainings which gives us the opportunity to show our clients how biogas plants can be technically, economically and safely be operated.
The rising demand for highly trained service technicians for biogas plants is the main consequence of changing technology standards as well as a rising awareness for ecological energy production. Nationally and internationally it is our goal to face these challenges and simultaneously to see opportunities to train technicians for a cost efficient and safe operation of biogas plants, for installation services as well as to impart practical know how regarding biological processes in the digester.
By offering the zertificate “plant manager for biogas plants” and further trainings and seminars we are reacting actively on the rising demand of the biogas market which leads us to offer a new performance profile in training plant manager for biogas plants.

The ME-LE Academy has received state accreditation from the German ministry of education (“Staatlich anerkannte Einrichtung nach dem Weiterbildungsförderungsgesetz Mecklenburg-Vorpommern“). Furthermore, certain trainings can be proudly presented as IHK – zertificated which gives us a unique market position nationally as well as internationally.
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  • Eggesiner Str. 9c
  • 17358 Torgelow
  • Germany
  • Telefon: +49 (0) 3976 / 434 390
  • Telefax: +49 (0) 3976 / 434 399
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