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ME-LE Biogas was inviting to the national Day for renewable Energy

Guidance tour by the current project manager
Guidance tour by the current project manager
At the 29th of April, the ME-LE Biogas GmbH was fortunate to welcome over 250 people at the construction site of the new biogas plant in Torgelow. Interested visitors were able during the whole day to receive first-hand information regarding the construction of the new biogas plant. Especially, regional and technical aspects were illustrated and explained in order to show the utility and procedures of a biogas plant. Therefore, the ME-LE Biogas GmbH offered continually guided tours as well as an information stand in order give the visitors the opportunity to get in touch with the biogas subject.

All in all, the ME-LE Biogas GmbH would like to thank all participating partners and guests who were present at this day.


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